Cleaning Service Agreement

Hiring Nettoyage Pro Cleaning’s cleaners involves a significant investment in training, including MasterClass Certification and thorough background screening to ensure the highest quality of service. Should you choose to employ any current or former Nettoyage Pro Cleaning staff or accept side job offers from them, you will incur an employment referral fee of $5,000.00.

This fee applies if you directly hire, either legally or on a cash basis, an individual who is currently or was previously employed by us within the two-year period prior to their employment with you or within six months of being contracted by Nettoyage Pro Cleaning. When using our service, you commit to informing us of any attempts to engage in illegal business solicitations. Failure to do so will result in the addition of Attorney, Legal, and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the investigation or collection of this fee, once the employment breach is discovered. Exchanging contact information with our cleaners is considered a breach of this agreement.

Engaging in direct, unreported, or inappropriate employment practices is against the law. By accepting our services, you acknowledge that Nettoyage Pro Cleaning is obligated to report any illegal hiring activities. Anyone can report such activities to the appropriate Government and Judicial authorities, leading to a thorough investigation. Participation, complicity, or withholding knowledge of illegal activity may result in prosecution not only by Nettoyage Pro Cleaning, where applicable, but also under Canadian Federal, provincial, and local laws.


Nettoyage Pro Cleaning maintains the right to withdraw its cleaners from your residence if the environment is deemed unsafe, with adherence to our cancellation policy. In consideration of the health and safety of our cleaners, they refrain from moving items exceeding 30 lbs. If you require cleaning behind substantial furniture or appliances, kindly relocate them before our scheduled arrival to facilitate access to the specified area.

In instances where the home poses health risks related to viruses, mold, bacteria, or infestations, we retain the right to remove our staff from the premises, subject to our cancellation policy. This provision may be invoked if our staff enters a home where someone is unwell, exhibiting symptoms of illness, or if the staff feels uncomfortable. If uncertainties arise, please promptly contact our office.


Before scheduled cleanings, kindly ensure the secure storage of valuables, heirlooms, and collectibles. Additionally, inform us of any fragile items, including their recommended handling, through special account instructions on your profile or when booking your cleaning.

Special Request

Normally, we do not offer laundry services. However, if a client has a special request for laundry, they are required to discuss this with the booking agent over the phone before the cleaner’s arrival. The Client is expected to furnish explicit instructions concerning laundry preferences, such as sorting preferences (e.g., colors, whites, delicates), water temperature, detergent specifications, and any specific care instructions for delicate or valuable items.